Qt Quick Components – survival while you wait

MeeGo Touch (MTF) has been communicated as being a deprecated UI solution for both “real MeeGo” and Nokia-specific Harmattan. In practice, it’s not likely that it will be removed from Harmattan in the middle of Harmattan lifetime, but there is no official promise of your application continuing to work after Harmattan.

Qt Quick Components

A lot has been said about Qt Quick Components already:



However, this may lead some developers to crawl in a hole, incapable of getting any development done because they are waiting for the Components release (as they harbor the misconception that QML alone can’t get the job done).

This is the wrong attitude. Even when using Qt Quick Components, you need to understand QML anyway – there is no way around creating custom list delegates, for example. It’s a better idea to write your application completely in raw QML right now, and when official components become available, you can easily change your own button’s for the official, theme-following buttons. In the meantime, you can implement page transitions using this nifty helper component:



If you wish to avoid writing your own button / checkbox / slider / whatever, you can take a snapshot of “custom” branch from Qt Quick Components repository. Here’s a minimal example that just copies the components (pure QML) to a subdirectory. Note that it is work in progress, so do not expect anything out of the quality or features:


Lauri’s blog provides easy-to-steal examples for modern “conventional” mobile UI look, instead of the usual bouncing rectangles and exploding marbles:


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One Response to Qt Quick Components – survival while you wait

  1. Khertan says:

    “there is no way around creating custom list delegates, for example.”
    ? You mean with QML ? As it s easy to do with pure Qt (QWidget).

    I think the reason of some to not use QML, are more QML itself (crippled css/javascript mix) than the fact it s not ready yet.

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