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A case of Django, Circus, Chaussette, Celery, and Nginx

TLDR; a short story on how I deployed a Django app on Circus, Celery and Nginx.  I have an internal (closed source) web app called “inspectr”; what it does is not important for this discussion. For various reasons, I wanted … Continue reading

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QML: How to not crash if QtMobility.location is not available

Python has a handy pattern to avoid crashes if, say, a module is not available: QML has no such feature, at least yet. That’s why the whole file “fails” at once when a module is missing, leaving you with a … Continue reading

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Intel’s Qt Quick Components available for Ubuntu

Yesterday, Intel announced the open source release of MeeGo Tablet UX, and along with it their version of Qt Quick Components: Without doubt, you want to kick the tires of these components. If you don’t have a place … Continue reading

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Qt Quick Components – survival while you wait

MeeGo Touch (MTF) has been communicated as being a deprecated UI solution for both “real MeeGo” and Nokia-specific Harmattan. In practice, it’s not likely that it will be removed from Harmattan in the middle of Harmattan lifetime, but there is … Continue reading

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